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International Game Technology is referred to by its initials, IGT. When it comes to slot machine games, IGT is by far the industry leader. It is speculated that IGT created 50% of all slot machines currently in use in the USA. The stock of International Game Technology is traded on the public market. They are listed under the symbol “IGT” on the New York Stock Exchange.

A Short Overview of IGT

Although International Game Technology has been around since the ’50s, it wasn’t until the ’70s when their groundbreaking video poker games became wildly popular, and it wasn’t until 1981 that the company went public. By 1986, IGT has undergone a number of transformations. The company entered the Australian market, developed the first wide-area progressive slots, and experimented with games that were controlled solely by microprocessors.


The 1990s were a watershed decade for American gambling because riverboat casinos and tribal casinos began to proliferate. IGT capitalized on this trend by being the first major manufacturer to serve gambling venues on riverboats and reservations. IGT stock was considered a top-performing financial product of the year less than a year after the company’s NYSE debut.


The invention of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine was a major turning point for the corporation. IGT’s success with Wheel of Fortune prompted the company to explore other licensed and themed titles, and today it is still widely regarded as the most popular gaming machine of all time. IGT’s top played games are still licensed properties.


Taking Over WagerWorks

In 2005, IGT had a firm grasp on all but one of the world’s most vital gambling markets. When it came to the online gambling market, IGT had no skin in the game. In the summer of 2005, they paid $90 million in cash to solve the issue by purchasing WagerWorks.


WagerWorks was a pioneer in the online gambling industry, supplying games and customer support to major players including William Hill, Paddy Power, and Virgin. IGT likely saw an opportunity to capitalize on licensed online slot games by utilizing WagerWorks’ preexisting content licensing with companies like Sony and Hasbro.


IGT was able to enter the rapidly expanding mobile gaming sector thanks to the partnership with WagerWorks. IGT has expanded its catalogue of mobile games in the ten years following the purchase. Slots, tables games, and even lotto-style games are all part of the company’s output, and they’re made to work on all three of the most popular mobile platforms: Windows, Apple iOS, and Android.


After reading that brief summary of International Game Technology’s background, it should be obvious that they are a key participant in the gaming business. Information about several types of IGT-made slot machines is provided below.


Game Show-Themed Slot Machines

When it comes to slot machines based on game shows, IGT is without peer.


The success of their Wheel of Fortune game inspired them to develop further themed games, as we saw in the preceding history section. Let’s take a closer look at the popular game shows that have inspired IGT’s video game offerings.


Wheel of Fortune has been on the air with its legendary hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White since 1983, making it one of the longest-running game programs in television history. Despite shifts in structure, network, and style, the show remains a global phenomenon and one of the all-time greats among game shows.


The slot machine adaptation is licensed to International Game Technology, and due to the game’s massive success, the company has launched countless spin-offs with new rules and aesthetics.


Spectacular Race: The Amazing Race is one of the first big-format reality shows in history, and it is still airing today, over a decade after it initially began. The show has a devoted (though dwindling) fan-base. Although IGT’s Amazing Race hasn’t had the same kind of impact as Wheel of Fortune, it’s still a major hit with gamblers.


This competition is officially known as The Amazing Race: In It to Win It. This slot machine has a gigantic maximum bet of 200 credits and features five reels and thirty paylines. This game is cutting-edge in the best conceivable way, featuring authentic video and audio snippets from the show as well as three distinct bonus rounds (the Flag Hunter round, the Global Challenge round, and the Spin Till You Win round).


Jeopardy is a game show with a dedicated following and a rich history. It’s no surprise that IGT, which has proven itself to be the industry leader in adapting game shows into gambling chances, obtained the Jeopardy! license over two decades ago. They even make online and smartphone versions for customers in countries other than the United States.


IGT realized the potential for Jeopardy and so released other spinoffs. There are currently 10 different titles with the Jeopardy name, such as Jeopardy: Penny Spinning Reel and Jeopardy: Wild Star Red White & Blue. While the rules and gameplay may vary amongst games, they always have one element in common. The top manufacturer of game show-themed slot machines made them with genuine love for the underlying material. Jeopardy-style gameplay is there, along with audio and video snippets, licensed game imagery, and more.


TV-themed Slot Machines

International Game Technology’s meteoric rise to prominence as one of the world’s most profitable gambling businesses is not attributable to a lack of insight into their clientele’s wants and needs. In reality, though, the reverse has been true. They have proven their dedication to making great games that players like by bringing novel aspects to slot machines, such as licensed themes and wide-area progressives, as well as by taking risks on some weird but amazing game concepts.


For a corporation that has already experienced the sweet taste of industry success in other areas, the decision to create slots based on popular TV shows must have been an easy one. Take a peek at some of their most played slot games based on well-known TV shows.


Star Trek: Against All Odds – Before lovers of the original William Shatner or the Captain Picard era of the ’90s freak out, this IGT title is based on the latest reboot. The slot machine isn’t one of IGT’s best themed titles, in part because of its simplicity, and that’s true regardless of how you feel about the reboot film. To capitalize on the buzz around the premiere of the reboot, both of IGT’s Star Trek-themed slot machines are based on the latest series.


To differentiate itself from the growing sea of IGT slot sequels, this game features five reels and an innovative multi-ways winning mechanism (720 ways, to be exact). Players can stake anywhere from $0.60 up to $300 every spin, with credits ranging in value from $0.01 to $5.


The plot is straightforward: you’re on board the starship Enterprise, and you need to stop the villainous Narada from destroying the planet. By including an Energizing Wilds symbol, IGT increases the frequency and size of bonus rounds. It’s entertaining, but it doesn’t compare to IGT’s other licensed games.


If IGT wants to target the Baby Boomer demographic, it would do well to base a slot machine on the 1960s TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. When their network lost the I Love Lucy show in 1957, the Beverly Hillbillies stepped in and filled the void.


IGT’s Beverly Hillbillies sticks to the classic formula of the series, which centers on a gang of country bumpkins stumbling their way through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. All your favorite characters—Jethro, Jed, May, Elly, and the rest of the gang—are back in this video slot with twenty paylines and five reels.


Anyone familiar with IGT’s wacky approach to game themes will not be surprised by the company’s licensing and creation of a slot based on a TV talk program (The Ellen program). Talk shows aren’t usually good material for video games, but Ellen DeGeneres’ daily show is a hit, with millions of fans tuning in for her unique brand of “laugh, dance, play” positivity. She’s a witty comedienne with an energetic, unpredictable style that works well for slot machines.


There are actually two separate games here under the same name, “Ellen’s Dance Party” and “12 Days of Giveaway.” They differ slightly in how you play and what you can win, but they both feature authentic quotes and video from Ellen and the program, as well as nearly continuous excerpts of the show’s iconic theme music.


Casino Games With Film Themes

It makes sense that IGT would branch out into movies with popular titles based on the biggest box office smash titles of the previous 30 years, given its track record of success with game shows and television shows. Learn more about the company’s best-selling slot machines based on Hollywood blockbusters right here.


When it comes to making a licensed game, like Star Wars: Original Trilogy, IGT definitely delivers. Can you imagine the hassle of securing the necessary licenses and developing a game of sufficient quality to warrant the name?


The fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes of the “original” Star Wars trilogy are honored in this relatively recent addition to IGT’s game catalog. Actually, it’s three games in one, as each is inspired by one of the original films. You’ll need to bet at least 30 credits to begin, then another 30 credits for each of the three “movies” you choose to play. Since credits can be anywhere from $0.01 to $2.50 in value, the bare minimum bet every spin is $0.90.


The nicest part about playing this IGT game is the bonus rounds. Witness the epic struggle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as you soar through space in an X-wing fighter and destroy the Death Star and fight walkers on Hoth. Those who have seen the original trilogy will appreciate the nods to familiar elements.


IGT capitalized on the tremendous success of the Transformers film franchise by creating a highly entertaining licensed slot, Transformers: Battle for Cybertron, complete with a slew of audio and video elements. Five reels and forty paylines are used in this game, with coin values ranging from $0.60 to $600. IGT is known for its ability to create games with a wide number of betting options, and its latest film-themed offering is no exception.


Making a slot machine out of one of the most successful movies about Las Vegas in recent years (The Hangover) was a brilliant move by a firm that has made many brilliant decisions in the past. The film’s extensive usage of Las Vegas scenery and soundtrack makes this a logical choice.


This game pleasantly surprised me because it combines the features of a themed slot machine and a network-wide progressive jackpot. There are four progressive bonus systems based on different characters, and another four based on different events or scenes in the film. Gameplay is improved with the use of real actor voices.


Progressive Megabucks Slot Machine

For its significance to the development of the corporation, I have separated the MegaBucks Progressive game into its own section.


Wheel of Fortune may be IGT’s most famous game from the last 30 years, but I believe their most influential recent release is the MegaBucks progressive. MegaBucks is technically a network-wide progressive slot, with a top jackpot that begins at $10 million and ticks up to significant heights as the network grows.


The MegaBucks slot machine accepts bets of between one and three coins, making it a dollar game. The progressive jackpot is only available for spins with the maximum wager size.


What is the maximum jackpot size? The most recent one, which took place in November 2014 at the Rampart in Las Vegas and was valued $14.3 million, was featured on IGT’s website. According to data on their site, the top reward is only awarded a handful of times year.


Additional IGT Progressives

In addition to the MegaBucks machine, this company offers a plethora of other high-value progressive jackpot slot games. The following table provides current values for several of IGT’s most played progressive games.


MegaBucks Value of Progressive Prizes for This Game as of April 10, 2015$10,192,000

Financial InsanityWheel of Fortune $1,912,000 PowerBucks Jackpot $1,313,000 Special Edition $0.50 $337,000

TV Scores $203,317

When it comes to electronic gaming machines, none compare to the dominance of International Game Technology. Their slot machines are the benchmark against which all others are measured. The vast majority of slot machines in land-based casinos across the United States are IGT creations. While players in the United States are now blocked from accessing IGT’s online and mobile games, players in every other region in the world have numerous options for doing so.


In conclusion, IGT makes a lot of great slot machines. While their progressives and game show-themed games may garner the most attention, they have a vast selection of games and put a premium on user satisfaction.

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