During the night, a heist took place at the Casino Basel in Switzerland.

Attacks on land-based casinos have become increasingly common since the beginning of the year and have become increasingly fashionable. In order to retrieve several hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs, a dozen mobsters were sent inside the renowned casino in Basel, which is located in Switzerland. This took happened on Sunday, March 28, 2010, during the night of Saturday, March 27.

Just lately, we finished writing a piece about the deflection setup that took place in Berlin during EFA 2010. However,

this situation is not the same as the last one because the casino did not host any events. As a matter of fact, the four violent members of EFA have been apprehended and are currently being held in custody.


According to Michel Favrod, the Director of the casino, the thieves were extremely organized and were familiar with every area of the casino that was located in Basel. In contrast to the theft that took place at EFA in Berlin. At’il assured the press that the steering was up to the standards of the Great American Series.


At approximately four in the morning, as the casino was in the process of locking its doors, ten thugs smashed the door in with a hammer and gained entry inside the establishment.

They were armed with submachine guns, and they did not hesitate to seize control of the establishment and its 600 players who were still involved in the game.


The system was carefully set, and each villain knew exactly what their position was in the scheme. Following their robbery of the cashier, they made their getaway in two French-registered Audi vehicles. There is a possible lead, and the thieves in question almost probably hail from France.


As a result of this new orientation, the traditional definition of “security” within gaming businesses is being called into question.

It is true that there have been three armed robberies in the month of March, with two of them occurring in Switzerland. To ensure the highest possible level of participant safety and to prevent incidents like this one from occurring in EFA competitions, the governing bodies of the organization have already presented their proposed new regulations and guidelines.


In order to get to the bottom of this situation as swiftly as humanly feasible, a call has been sent out for witnesses.

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